If there’s one thing that gets nursing students and new nurses REALLY nervous (like voice shaking, sweat-on-the-forehead nervous), it’s calling the MD with a concern about your patient. You might be thinking, “What if I don’t know what to say?” or “What if they ask me a question I don’t know the answer to?” or even “What if they yell at me, tell me to stop wasting their time, and hang up on me?” 

Don’t worry, my friends! As usual, I have got your back 🙂 In this episode, we’ll be talking all about SBAR, a concise communication format used extensively in the clinical setting. 

  • First, we’ll go over SBAR…what do all those letters represent?
  • I’ll give you my best tips for what to do BEFORE you use SBAR
  • And, we’ll see how it works in action with some SBAR scenarios

Want to see how to use SBAR to give end-of-shift report? Read about it here: https://www.straightanursingstudent.com/be-an-end-of-shift-report-rockstar/

Or listen to the Episode 7 here (or wherever you tune in to podcasts from): https://www.straightanursingstudent.com/shift-report/

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See references and show notes here: https://www.straightanursingstudent.com/how-to-use-sbar-clinical-setting/