Ventilator weaning starts at intubation: Episode 32

ventilator weaning

In this episode of the Straight A Nursing podcast, we talk about ventilator weaning, which is actually a process that starts the moment the patient is intubated. If you are entering your advanced Med/Surg clinical rotation or are new to the ICU, this podcast will provide you with the basic knowledge you need to advocate for your patient and help guide them toward extubation.

  • The five main things to take into account when weaning your patient from the ventilator
  • Goals for FiO2, PEEP and ventilator mode
  • How the patient’s neuro status comes into play
  • How mechanical ventilation causes deconditioning in your patient
  • How you and the interdisciplinary team can work together to optimize your patient for possible extubation
  • General guidelines for conducting a spontaneous awakening trial and spontaneous breathing trial (SAT/SBT)
  • Example of what a typical extubation is like and your role in the process
  • Some things to watch for after extubation

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