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Looking for the ultimate resource for nursing school? The Nursing School Thrive Guide Nursing School Thrive Guideprovides all the tips, advice and strategies a nursing student needs to not only survive, but thrive! Available at Amazon, in paperback, Kindle and audio book…so order up and get ready to kick some nursing school booty!

If you’ve already got your copy of the Thrive Guide, you might be here looking for the checklist…here it is: Checklist

Are you a nursing school looking to provide this as a resource for your students? We provide bulk order discounts!! For more information, fill out this quick form (please specify quantity) and someone from our team will be in touch with pricing details. 


16 thoughts on “Thrive Guide Book

  1. Rebecca

    Thank you so much for this book! I don’t start until January but I feel like I need to be doing something so I have been reading everything! I also found myself immersed in dimentional analysis calculation videos on youtube. Lol. This book made me feel like I was accomplishing something more than just waiting. I love checking things off lists, thanks for the printables!

  2. Rebecca

    Will do. I just realized I spelled dimensional wrong in my comment above. Don’t worry, I’ll use spell check in my Amazon review! Lol

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  4. Dawn

    So excited! Just ordered your book. I start nursing school in January and hope this helps with the organization aspect of such a demanding program.

      1. Dawn

        Well, the book helped tremendously! I just finished my first semester with a 4.0! Now I’m on to my first clinicals and Med/Surg I. I will continue to use the fantastic organizational skills in this book!! Thanks so much for writing this. It really gives new students a starting point when entering a nursing program.

  5. heather

    Loved your book. I am going to start my 1st semester in August and can’t wait to implement all your suggestions. You have taken a lot of fear of the unknown and turned it into excitement. Thank you.

    1. Nurse Mo Post author

      Yes! If you look on Amazon, you’ll see it is available in Kindle format. Does that help? Good luck with school 🙂


    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book!!! I start nursing school in August and I have read it twice…. about to go for a third! There is so much good advice!! Thank you for writing this book and sharing your experiences!


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