TBT: Toot! Toot!

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For Throwback Thursday I am posting one blog entry from nursing school each week. This post takes us back to microbiology, one of the big nursing school prerequisites. So get in your time machine and travel back to the “good ol’ days”…don’t forget your seatbelt!

Toot! Toot!

That’s me…tooting my own horn again. I got a 98.8% on my last Microbiology exam. Whooo-hooooo! OK, I know it’s not cool to brag but I can’t help it! I am so darn amazed at how this whole school thing is turning out. Is this a sign that I am finally looking in the right direction? Science is just so fun (that’s the school nerd in me talking….the same school nerd that has an Excel spreadsheet so I can keep track of my A!). And now we’re finally to the section of the class where we learn all about nasty diseases. I am a walking encyclopedia of nastiness right now…a word to the wise: get your tetanus booster. You do not want tetanus. Period.

Happy Thanksgiving! (originally posted 11/23/07)

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