TBT: Surviving Microbiology

Screenshot 2015-05-20 09.05.35For Throwback Thursday I am re-posting a blog entry each week from my nursing school days…so travel back in time with me as we revisit the joy that is nursing school!

I survived my first microbiology test! 

AND I have it on good authority that Microbiology gets much better after all that icky metabolism stuff. So YAY! I counted up all the questions I totally guessed on, and that totalled about 9, so I figured I might, MIGHT get an A if I slam-dunked my essay questions AND my bonus question. Stay tuned! (originally posted 9/24/07)

It’s a Microbiology Miracle!

Who knew I would end up being a Microbiology Genius? I scored a 95.5% on the first test, and the class average was 75%…AND, this is even with me SKIPPING FOUR QUESTIONS. Not sure how those questions escaped my careful scrutiny, but I somehow managed to skip right over them in a rush to get to the essay questions. Assuming I had answered all four correctly, I could have had a 99.5%. So needless to say, I am feeling pretty good right about now. Let’s hope the genius-ness continues! (originally posted 10/1/07)

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