TBT: Organic Chemistry

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Happy Throwback Thursday! Each week I re-post a blog entry from my nursing school days. In this post we are revisiting the joy that is Organic Chemistry. Have fun!

So what is 2,4 Dimethylhexane anyway?

With opening lines like that I plan to be ASTOUNDING at cocktail parties. So obviously this semester I am taking Organic Chemistry, but before you start freaking out let me clarify that this is a survey course of O-Chem and Biochem…so it’s not as horrific as straight O-Chem. I’ve heard it’s actually not that bad…AND, we get to make soap! Cool!

The other classes I am taking are: Introductory Statistics, Cultural Anthropology and English Composition. So, yeah…I’m pretty busy. I am also getting ready to start filling out my school applications…think positive thoughts for Sac State! I am totally nervous about Sac State…mainly because I do not get any of the extra points for things like knowing Mandarin or living in abject poverty. I may get two points since my parents didn’t graduate from college…but I’m so old…does that even count anymore?

Plus, since I went to college in Kansas, will they accept all my transfers? Totally stressed!!!!! On top of that I have to take the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) on the 11th, and the GRE on the 21st or so. Am I ready for the GRE? NO! I have taken the TEAS once before, but I think I can do better score-wise. I got a 94.1 and I’m aiming for a 96%.

I am sooo ready for winter vacation! Tom and I are thinking of going to Oregon for a few days skiing at Mt. Ashland, a few days at the beach and a few days in the town of Ashland. Since I’ll be starting at Sac State in January (positive thinking!), then this will be our last vacay for awhile.

Not sure if I updated ya’ll on my A&P class from this summer. Totally rocked it. Another A 😉 Though that class was horrendously compacted and the lectures were insanely long there is one good thing about it…now even my two hour lectures seem amazingly short! Yay for that! (originally posted 9/3/08)

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  1. Rhona

    I’m totally shuddering remembering o-chem. Hated it even when I did get it. Actually the naming was not that tough – just a matter of all the weird rules. And, when we branched off into battery chemistry – just no!


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