TBT: Microbiology is kicking my macro-booty

Screenshot 2015-05-20 09.05.35For Throwback Thursday, I am re-posting my nursing school blog entries. Each week I’ll post one entry from the “good ol’ days.” Travel back in time with me as we revisit the joy that is nursing school! Here you go!

I am lame…I haven’t posted in almost TWO MONTHS…which is really pathetic. I started school at the end of August (which only partially explains my lameness) and have been a complete whack-job ever since. I have class Monday-Thursday nights and the rest of the time I am trying to get my freelance business up and running, help Tom with his business, take care of the house and three cats + one child (oops, I mean + one husband), and maybe squeeze in time to shave my legs once in a while.

Microbiology is kicking my butt. It makes Chemistry look like a walk in the park…and I studied my butt off for my A in Chem. I have my first test tomorrow night, so we’ll see….but from where I stand it does not look so bueno. Not so bueno at all. I am hoping that the semester will get easier now that we have Microbial Metabolism behind us, but the chapters ahead (Recombinant DNA Technology, Microbial Genetics and other exciting topics) do not bode well. If anyone has taken Micro please let me know if it gets better!!!! I am mainly looking forward to the section of the book where we see what kinds of nasty disesase people get from bacteria and viruses…icky pictures and all!

My lab though, is FUN! It’s really neat to see what kinds of disgusting things grow from our cultures. Plus my lab partner is really nice and every day I thank GOD that I do not have Annoying Guy as my lab partner. Annoying Guy is this major science geek that smirks all the way through class and corrects the teacher’s pronunciation and every little thing under his breath (and sometimes out loud to the whole class). I had the joy and pleasure of sitting near him for the first three weeks until I had HAD IT! I soooo wanted to tell him off, but instead took the path of least resistance and just sat on the opposite side of the room….”Take that you science geek!”

In other news, I am no longer working in the office…did I post about that already? I got “released” from employee status back to my independent contractor status (another thing I am thankful for every day), and am now back to my insane self-employed-ness. The kittens all got exceptional homes, my hair is long enough to put in hot rollers and I am still as fat as ever. I’m working on it though…I promise I am going to get on a schedule and start taking my morning walks again. PROMISE!

I’ll also promise to try to not be so lame and to update my blog more regularly. At the very least I have to let you know how easy my Micro test is…ha! (originally posted 9/23/07)

One thought on “TBT: Microbiology is kicking my macro-booty

  1. Rhona

    I’m loving THT already. I read through your original blog last year I think so this is lovely to see again. Micro was the worst! At certain times, I wanted to walk out of class. Joking!
    I also had annoying person in class but this was a girl. Man, annoying girl would always challenge the prof (who had 3 degrees in Bio fields and a masters degree), correct her, ask asinie questions. It got to the point where even the prof wearily answered her questions.
    Anyway, look forward to this series.


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