TBT: Microbiology is done!

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For Throwback Thursday I am unearthing old blog posts from my nursing school days…care to travel back in time with me?

May I ever so humbly…brag?

Ok, I can’t resist! After reading through some not-so-recent posts, I realized I never provided closure to the whole Microbiology thing. Let’s just say there was a highest grade in the class and that I know this person VERY well. Was that modest enough? The really amazing thing is that I got a higher grade than Doogie Howser, this total science geek that sat next to me for all of two weeks before I had to relocate thanks to his constant muttering and criticisms of the instructor. So, toot-too…that’s one more horn tooting for moi! Who knew? (originally posted 1/31/08)

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