TBT: First Round of Exams OVER!

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Greetings, Throwback Thursday fans! As has become the tradition around here, each week I share a blog post from my nursing school days. Enjoy!

Here’s the breakdown for how my first round of exams went…the first tests are always the most stressful since you don’t really know what to expect. So, in that regard I am very happy that they are over and done with!

First of all, a shout-out to Paige who calmed me down before my Anthropology test. I’ve gotten so accustomed to taking science exams with ONE CORRECT answer, that I was a little freaked out by the open-ended nature of this exam. I ended up scoring a perfect 100% on that one! Whew!

Stats is also going very well. The highet grade for the multiple-choice portion was 41…which several people earned. The highest grade for the free-response part where you draw charts, do all kinds of statistical analysis stuff was 76…again, several people got 76. But how many people do you think got 41 AND 76? At least one!!! 🙂

And lastly, chemistry. I have just one thing to say to Robert Burns Woodward, the “Father of Organic Chemistry”: You can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

The first exam did not go as well as planned…I do not want to be one of those students who blames the professor when they don’t do well, so I will try to keep my belly-aching to a minimum. With that said, the general class consensus is that how the prof told us to prepare for the exam did not actually help. I spent hours and hours doing homework questions and felt rather unprepared for the test. The good news is, that 85% is the cutoff for an A…so I am still in the running. Whew!

In other news, hubby got a conditional offer from a fire department near Fresno. Can you say “commute” and “not-moving-to-Fresno” and “have-a-nice-drive-honey”? (originally posted 10/5/08)

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  1. Rhona

    Honestly, I love these tbh posts. 100% on both tests! Wow, that’s all your hard work right there. Love it. And, I 110% concur on your thoughts on chemistry. That is physics are just so very wrong.
    You are so smart.


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