TBT: Cat Dissection

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It’s Throwback Thursday time! Each week I dig up an old blog post from my nursing school days. Enjoy!

Item #1 on my List of Things I Never Dreamed I’d Say: “This cat’s skin does NOT want to come off!”

Yes, you read that right. I have skinned a cat. That is not a typo…SKINNED A FREAKIN’ CAT! And yes, that sound you heard is me throwing up in my mouth.

My Anatomy &¬†Physiology class requires the dissection of a cat. Don’t ask me why as I am not going to vet school, nor do I plan to become a surgeon or a doctor. Needless to say, this experience puts the “un” in unpleasant. We got a very large black boy kitty who we promptly named Mr. Bigglesworth. How big is he? He’s so big that his tail hangs off the end of the dissection tray dripping cat juice all over the floor and onto our clothes. UNpleasant!

Day 1 of the cat dissection involved removing the skin, and let me tell ya…our cat was one tough cookie. Not only is he huge, but he has very strong and tough fascia. For those of you who don’t know what fascia is, it’s that stuff that makes the tearing noise when you pull the skin off something (the sound you just heard was you throwing up in your mouth.) His skin was firmly adhered to his musculature via the fascia from hell and it was n-a-s-t-y trying to get it off. Mostly I just held Mr. B while my lab partners tugged (literally TUGGED) at his skin. It was all I could do, though I did help a little…I think I used the scissors some and maybe the probe. It’s all a formaldehyde-induced blur.

Day 2 of the dissection involved isolating muscles. All I have to say about that is: dark meat turkey. ‘Nuff said. Drumstick anyone?

So…while I’m saddened and disgusted that we have to do this useless task, I am proud of myself that I have done as much as I’ve managed so far. Thank god for awesome lab partners who aren’t as squeamish as little ol’ me. If I was on my own I would be so totally screwed.

On a brighter note…I got a 96 on my practical and a 95 on my written test. Toot toot with the self-blowing horn! (originally posted 4/3/08)


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  1. Cassie Sparks

    Lol I understand! In my anatomy class we had dissection of a cat, sheep heart, and sheep eye. Me being the curious morbid person, I was very interested in it, but didn’t make it any less squishy.


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