TBT: Application Craziness

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Hey, it’s Thursday, and we all know what that means! A time-traveling peak back to my nursing school days. This post highlights the nursing school application process. How fun!

As part of my journey to becoming an RN one must test one’s patience and good nature by undergoing the application process. Here is what mine entails:

1) Ordering transcripts for RUSH delivery because I can’t do anything in advance, that would make too much sense!

2) Ordering catalog descriptions for all pre-reqs and co-reqs that I took out of state

3) Taking the TEAS exam (scored in the 99th percentile!)

4) Taking a test to prove my reading proficiency (killed it!)

5) Getting CPR certified…not just the regular CPR, but one for healthcare professionals (doing that tomorrow)

6) Meeting with counselors at two different colleges

7) Traisping all over campus getting my out-of-state pre-reqs signed off by the dean of each department

9) Re-taking the TEAS exam (first time was a charm…why mess with a good thing?)

10) Writing an essay about why I want to be an RN (daaaamn good essay!)

10) Studying for and taking the GRE (December 1st…gulp)

Most of this has been accomplished in the past couple of weeks, so yeah…I’ve been pretty busy.

On top of that I am taking four classes this semester…my final pre-reqs for my top-pick BSN school: A survey course of o-chem and bio chem, Stats, English Composition, and Cultural Anthropology. The good news is, my English class is half a semester, so I’m almost finished! I just have one more big paper to write, and then my final assignment is to re-write my first essay…cake! October 15th is also the deadline for the rest of my apps, so come October 16th, I will be feeling a lot less stress! I have decided that taking my A&P II class over the summer was actually a really good thing…now all my other classes seem so sloooooow. I needed a break!

So here is the application plan…

Top pick: State school by my house…they have a regular BSN and an Accelerated Second Bachelor’s…Either one would be great, but I’m kind of scared of the accelerated part, so I’m hoping for the two-year BSN.

Second pick: Local ADN program that works in conjunction with an awesome local hospital.

Third pick: ADN programs at various CCs in the area.

Decision dates are around the end of November…so we’s gots some waitin’ to do ya’ll. (originally posted 9/26/08)

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