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It’s time for a throwback…waaaay back! Each week I showcase a blog entry from my nursing school days. Travel back in time with me as we check out my A&P 2 summer class. Oh the joy!

First Day, First Impressions

So I went to my first day of summer school yesterday at the Sutter Center for Health Professionals…an extension campus that is muuuuuuch nicer than the digs at American River College. For those of you who can’t keep up with my ridiculous course schedule, I am taking the second segment of Anatomy & Physiology after having killed the first segment last semester. However, this course is compressed into only 8 weeks, so I’m expecting it to be a different kind of hell entirely. After one day (and 5 hours of sitting in the same spot), these are my first impressions:

  • My instructor is young and kinda cute. I doubt I’ll want to crawl under the table when he talks about penises and vaginas in the upcoming chapter on the reproductive system, the way I would have in Dr. K’s class (instructor from last semester)
  • He seems very organized…but his lecture style and slides/outlines are COMPLETELY different from what I’m used to. It took me 2-3 hours last night to type up my notes from class because I had to look for information in at least 4 different places. Yuck.
  • Facilities are very nice. There’s a little break room with a vending machine that spews out really bad coffee (but hey, it’s coffee!), a microwave and a really nice outdoor area for lounging.
  • All the models are brand new
  • No wet lab…meaning no dissecting!!!!!! Yippeeeeeee 🙂
  • The schedule is hellish. I have a test in less than two weeks. Good lord.
  • The last exam is take home!
  • The final is optional since he drops your lowest test score…so yay…hopefully I’ll be able to ditch the final!
  •  Quizzes every day using those new-fangled “clicker” things.
  • The chairs are kinda weird, and aren’t deep enough to allow me to sit cross-legged…a major bummer
  • Did I mention no dissecting??????

So…that’s it! I’ll try to update this blog at least once a week while I’m in school because I am simply not going to have time to stay in touch with my peeps “one-on-one” the way I normally do. Consider this your link to Mo for the next 8 weeks! (originally posted 6/7/08)

4 thoughts on “TBT: A&P Summer School

  1. Carolyn

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months as I am working on prerequisites for nursing school. I am taking A+P 2 right now over the summer as well. Except that it is a Saturday class (7 hours) and it is only for 5 weeks. And the teacher spends most of the time off topic completely. We aren’t even going to cover everything we are supposed to, so I am teaching myself. Oh, and I’m taking Chem 2 as well. Fun times!

    1. Nurse Mo Post author

      Oh my goodness….so your AP2 is going to be self taught? That’s tough! Hopefully my notes help! Good luck and let us know how you do!

  2. JudyWS

    I have had my RN license for 44 yrs.So much has changed. With my last 5 hospitalizations I wondered where did these people get there clinical experience. I think that the computer has taken over patient care.

    1. Nurse Mo Post author

      Computers definitely play a huge role…the amount of charting is astounding. For every minute I spend interacting/caring for a patient, I spend 5 in front of the computer. I try not to let it get me down!


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