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Nursing school supplies you never knew you needed

nursing school supplies

If you’re a nursing student (or about to be), you already know that you need a stethoscope, tons of pens and highlighters and a reliable alarm clock. But here are a few nursing school supplies you may not even know you need (but you’ll absolutely LOVE life more if you have them!)

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Why a paper planner beats a smart phone

Though I totally dig my Erin Condren planner for life after nursing school, I just don’t think there’s anyway it would ever work well for a nursing student. The schedule is just too jam-packed! When I was a student, I used a full-sized (8.5×11) planner and was happily using up every square inch of the available space. While it was a really functional planner, it wasn’t quite perfect for nursing students (and the design left something to be desired). So, what’s a busy nursing student to do? How about use a specific nursing school planner? Sounds pretty good, right?

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Review: Nutrition Bars

Screenshot 2015-06-03 13.33.45

If you’re a nurse or a nursing student, there is one thing I can be sure of. You are one busy bee. Sometimes your schedule doesn’t allow you the wonderful luxury of a delicious, home-cooked meal so you may find that you often eat “on the run.” Rather than reach for something naughty (salt and vinegar chips, I’m talking to you!), I’ve put together a quick review of some good and good-for-you nutrition bars to help fuel you through your busy days.

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Review: Compression Socks

If my first words about a pair of socks are “ohmygod,” then you know these are some awesome socks. I kept experiencing achy legs after my shift so I decided to break down and buy some compression socks. But, I didn’t want just any ol’ compression socks, I wanted stylish socks that would complement my boring navy blue uniform.

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Product Review: A book on ‘lytes

As a nursing student I had an insatiable appetite for books and spent more of my student loan than was necessary buying loads of books…if it had to do with nursing school it was in my library. Eventually I realized that I didn’t have time to read all those books but did keep a few tried and true workhorses, one of which I am reviewing today in the First Ever SANS product review!  Every couple of weeks I’ll review a product that is crucial to my nursing school and working nurse sanity…reap the benefits of my hard labor and just trust me on these!

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Save your neck with a bookstand!

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 8.06.32 AM

So I am in full back-to-school shopping mode…my favorite time of year! In a previous post you may have noticed me singing the praises of my wooden book stand. Well, guess what? It’s so nice I bought it twice!

Actually, I loaned my original to my sister-in-law for her adventure through nursing school and now that I’m going back for my MSN, I found myself in need of something to make it easier on my neck with all the reading I’ll be doing. So…with that said, I loved this book stand! It’s only downside is the price ($35) which admittedly does seem a little high, but when I compared it to other book stands, it seems to be the most sturdy and the little clips make it easy to turn pages and then clamp them down again. Considering how much I used it the first go around, I’d probably still buy it even if it were priced higher…did I mention I loved it?

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Product Recommendations…because I say so!

Hey everyone…again I want to apologize for the massive delay in posting. I have been dealing with some health issues the past couple of months and haven’t been up to doing anything that requires extra effort. I am, however, feeling a LOT better and much more energetic…so you can expect to see regular posts once again!

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Flashcards the Easy Way

**UPDATE December 2017** I FOUND ANOTHER APP TO REPLACE gFLASH for your nursing school flashcards!!!! In addition, I am working on a Straight A Nursing app so we don’t run into this issue again but it won’t be available until late 2018. In the meantime, go to cram.com and create an account! I have updated this post to reflect the instructions for using cram.com 🙂

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