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Mailbag Monday: admission requirements

admission nursing school

Nursing school admission requirements can be confusing, and it’s even worse when you can’t find the guidance you need.

I recently stumbled upon your website for my anatomy and physiology class and have told my classmates about it. I do have a question though in regards to getting into nursing school. I have tried to talk to my academic advisors about my concerns, but they haven’t been exactly helpful. I am finishing up my last 3 classes before I am able to apply for nursing school. Do you know if nursing schools look down upon students who have taken classes over for a better grade? Also, I should graduate with a 3.4 GPA (I also have been working almost full time and I’m a single mom). Do the schools take into account these things while going through applicants? Thanks so much for your time! -Heather

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C’s get degrees!

C Nursing Student

One of the things that sends me over the edge is when I hear someone happily exclaim, “C’s get degrees!” in reference to their nursing school education. While it is factual and true, it is such a fundamentally wrong attitude that I shake my head every single time I hear it…and also hope the student who says it never works on my unit nor is ever my nurse.

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What does a nursing student need?

nursing school

If you’re a soon-to-be nursing student (or know a nursing student) you may be scouring the internet or asking friends and coworkers what a nursing school supplies a student really needs. With these 15 items, you will be set with the supplies you need to rock the heck out of nursing school! This post may contain affiliate links, which help support this site!

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Mailbag Monday: Struggling in Nursing School

failing nursing school

Occasionally I get email from a reader (love you guys!) and I realized the questions and concerns are things that many of you in nursing school (or hoping to attend) are probably sharing. Each Monday (provided I have something in my in-box) I will post a reader question or comment for all to enjoy. And don’t worry…your full name will not be used…your secret is safe with me!

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Nursing School Thrive Guide

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If you’re reading this, then you are looking for tips, tricks, strategies and advice on getting through nursing school. This blog has TONS of information, so explore to your heart’s content. The Nursing School Thrive Guide goes into much more detail with a ton of stuff you won’t find anywhere else…and it can be yours with just one click!

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The Academic Planner is HERE!!!

The Straight A Academic Planner is here!!! And a full day ahead of schedule…thanks to a lot of coffee and a husband who works at a fire station and wasn’t here to distract me with his cuteness.

This is a full-size printable planner with monthly and weekly views plus a load of unique touches that will help make your busy life run like clockwork:

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