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Beyond insulin in the treatment of diabetes


At the time of this writing there are a handful of new-fangled diabetes medications out there. Maybe you’ve seen the commercials showing impossibly happy people managing their blood sugar with complete and total ease (this is my favorite!) Or, perhaps you’re seeing these meds pop up in the hospital (or wherever it is that you care for patients). The fact is, there are a LOT of treatments for diabetes that go beyond insulin…but since that’s what we use the most in the clinical setting, let’s start there then we’ll branch out to the fancy stuff. Ready?

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Psychopharmacology the easy way


Psychopharmacology is possibly the most interesting subset of pharmacology simply because the conditions these meds treat are absolutely fascinating. But the problem is, there are a ton of them…and keeping them straight can be difficult! Never fear, Nurse Mo is here! I’ve compiled a few tidbits for keeping those psych meds all straightened out in your fabulous brain.

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