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PodQuiz Pediatric Nursing Part 1: Episode 14

Pediatric nursing

In this PodQuiz we cover three very common pediatric nursing topics!

  • Peds nutrition (how many calories in an ounce of breast milk?)
  • Peds assessment (at what age can you assess a radial pulse?)
  • Peds psychosocial (how do you help a school-age child adapt to hospitalization?)

What’s a PodQuiz? It’s essentially flashcards for your ears! Nurse Mo asks a question, pauses while you answer, then states the answer…it’s a fantastic way to study while you’re on the go, exercising, commuting, folding laundry, making dinner, feeding the baby, getting your nails done….you get the idea.

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Pediatric Notes

Oooooops! I somehow completely forgot to upload my notes from pediatrics! Thank you to the astute reader who called my attention to this unintentional blunder…my apologies! Look for notes from peds to be added over the next few days, and if you notice anything else that’s missing then please let me know…I said I was awesome, but definitely not perfect 🙂

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