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Liver Failure Basics: Podcast Episode 11

liver failure

In this episode, we go through the basics of liver failure using my ingenious, wonderful, amazing LATTE method, which breaks down any patient condition into the “need to know” info.

  • L = How will the patient LOOK?
  • A = How will you ASSESS the patient?
  • T = What TESTS will be ordered?
  • T = What TREATMENTS will be provided?
  • E = How do you EDUCATE the patient/family?

Amazing, right? For more resources, visit www.straightanursingstudent.com. For LATTE resource sheets, look under “resources” in the top nav bar. Enjoy!

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When bellies go bad.

Increased abdominal pressure is a life-threatening, progressive condition in which the pressures in the abdomen become so high that they impede on just about every system in the body…renal, cardiac, gut, heart, brain, lung. You name it and an elevated abdominal pressure can wreck it. Want more bad news? It can be subtle and difficult to detect, especially in the early stages. But, you’re a rockstar nurse, so you’re going to be uber vigilant and monitor patients carefully….ready?

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The liver…you kinda need it.

Whenever I take care of a patient with liver failure I am reminded of just how vital this organ is and how much I really really don’t ever want to get liver failure. It is not pretty…at all. In some cases, it is chronic as in people suffering from cirrhosis due to hepatitis or alcohol use. In other cases it’s brought on acutely.

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