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Dealing with difficult docs using SBAR


Before I start an “us” vs. “them” war, let me start off by saying that I cannot imagine the pressure that physicians are under these days. They go for long stretches with no days off, work very long hours, have tremendous responsibility and, basically, have a job that I would never ever ever want. So, with that said, it is understandable that you will, at times, deal with a difficult or demanding physician. These tips about SBAR and effective communication should help!

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NCLEX questions don’t have to ruin your life


Nothing, and I mean, NOTHING gets a nursing student more worked up than NCLEX questions. I have very clear memories of sitting in the testing room making my best “WTF is this” face as I worked my way through the questions. And yes, that’s the exact same face I made the entire time I was taking the actual NCLEX and my CCRN exam…so if you think these style of questions are ever going to go away…you are sadly so very very wrong.

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5 Time Management Tips to Start Your Shift

time management

Getting your shift off to a good start is crucial if you want to have a good day (or night). I’m a big believer in routines…and your Start-of-Shift routine (SOS) is one of the most important ones you’ll ever develop. Here’s my SOS…maybe it will help you develop your own! Here are the five things I always do right after receiving report.

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Pro tips for nursing students and new nurses

nursing tips

If you don’t yet follow Straight A Nursing Student on Facebook…here’s a great reason to start! For all of May we’re posting “A Tip A Day” for all you nursing students and new nurses!

In addition, if we get to over 2,000 LIKES by the end of May, we’ll have a drawing for a Littmann Master Classic II stethoscope…but you’ve got to be a Facebook follower to get in the drawing! And, stay tuned for a great giveaway from Uniform Advantage to celebrate Nurse’s Week! So much good stuff…why haven’t you followed yet? Hmmm??? Hope to see you there soon!

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First semester clinical, demystified.

First semester clinicals

Starting your very first clinical rotation can be nerve-wracking, if not downright terrifying. Wondering what to expect in first semester clinical? Then this post is for you!

Before First Semester Clinical Begins

Before clinicals even start, you’ll need to learn a TON of new skills. This will most likely be done in your skills lab course, so be prepared to have a lot of reading, quizzes, prep and check-offs in your first couple of weeks of classes. Before you are set loose on real patients in the hospital, you’ll need to learn:

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