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If this is your first time visiting us…I am so glad you are here! There’s so much information and I want to make sure you get ALL of it!

At the top of the page, you see a menu bar with some headers…explore your heart out because this is where you’ll find notes related to nursing school, printable reference sheets, study aids, goodies to buy that will keep you organized and on top of your game, a link to my e-book and loads more.

Who is this site for?

This site is for nursing students, pre-nursing students, experienced nurses and new RNs! Basically, if you’ve got “nurse” in your title or in your future…you’re in the right place!

What’s New

The newest addition to the site is our SHOP! You can now get premium study guides and other items designed with your busy schedule and full brain in mind! These resources take the pain out of nursing school and have helped tons of students! You can be one of them 🙂

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Check out the testimonials for success stories and praise from students and nurses just like you!

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To help you find what you need, we’ve created some tags for you. If you’re new,  you might want to check for things tagged “basics” or “pre-nursing.” Nursing students who are past Med/Surg 1 might also want to check out the “advanced” tag. If you’re a new grad or experienced RN, then “advanced” “on-the-job” and “new-grad” are for you!

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You’ll also notice that I use Amazon links for the products I absolutely love. By clicking through these links and stocking up on the things you’ll need, you help support this website. Thank you!

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