RNDO: RN Days Off

One of the things I had the hardest time doing while in nursing school was taking days off to have fun, enjoy life and spend time with friends/family. RNDO (RN Days Off) is a new blog category to explore and celebrate all the things RNs do on their days off. Why is this so important?

It’s important because the work we do is extremely demanding, the hours are long and it is emotionally draining to a degree that few experience in their lifetimes. We HAVE to take care of ourselves in order to continue working in such a stressful profession. Plus, one of the huge perks of the job is that many of us work three 12-hour shifts a week and have a fair amount of time to devote to hobbies, exercise, travel, celebrations and even just sitting out back by the pool with a good book (or a huge orange cat on your lap).

Screenshot 2015-04-02 20.16.07My advice to you would be to start this habit early while you’re still in school. Yes, you are extremely busy and you won’t be able to do ALL the fun or relaxing things you’d like to do, but try to do at least ONE thing each day that brings you joy. I talk about this a fair amount in my book, and it bears repeating…take care of yourself, find some balance and do something kind for yourself every day. #RNdaysoff Click To Tweet

When I was a student, my favorite way to unwind was to put on some headphones and go for a run or walk in a beautiful setting. Granted, I was often listening to something educational, but at least I was outside in the fresh air doing something good for my body and my spirit. I invite you to do the same…what’s your favorite way to unwind?

2 thoughts on “RNDO: RN Days Off

  1. Rhona

    Excellent advise. I like very much. As someone who is in the midst of pre nursing courses, I find myself stressed often to achieve and exceed requirements.
    I was so stressed 2 weeks ago that I was on the verge of tears. My program is demanding and I seriously had enough.
    Although I am not an RN, yet, this is really good for us also. It is something that I am not very good at as since entering school again that is all I seem to do and when I am not, I stress that I am not (like now as I write this). I wil try to get in some exercise maybe tomorrow as mid terms and then dreaded final exams are here this month.
    I hope you enjoy your days off!


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