RNDO: hikes, totes, juice and rain


In my quest to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate on my “RN Days Off” (and inspire you to do the same), on this last stretch of days I crammed in as much fun as possible! Some of it was so fun, I didn’t even take pictures…sometimes it’s just too much to ask to pull out the camera, you know?

As you can see from the images above we had a little bit of rainy weather here in Northern California…something we desperately need. So, it goes without saying, that my lovebug and I were super excited about the weather and went for a little stroll when there was a small break in the rain. We got sprinkled on a little bit, but didn’t even care…it was so refreshing to be out there in that fresh air and to see the white caps out on the lake.

The next pic clockwise from the top is of a yummy juice/smoothie I made. Well, it’s a smoothie that I made from fresh juice I made…so does that make it a joothie? Hey, I think I just made up a word…maybe it will catch on…can someone tweet that please?

Anyway, my “joothie” was amazing! I had a bunch of produce I needed to get rid of before it went too wonky and so I made a fresh juice out of carrots, apples, romaine and some kind of super sour orange from our tree that tastes more like a lemon. I then blended about a cup of that with a cup of almond milk and a frozen banana….sooooo good! Here it is all fancy in recipe form for you recipe folks:

Nurse Mo’s Orange Joothie

6-8 carrots
2 to 3-ish apples
a bunch of romaine lettuce
half a lemon
Juice all this together with your juicer, then…

1 cup of the above juice blend
1 cup almond milk (or rice milk or hemp milk)
1 frozen banana
Whiz all that together in your blender…and ENJOY!

The yellow tote bag is actually something that I sewed! And yes, I am super proud of myself as it’s pretty much the first thing I’ve sewn from an actual bona-fide pattern. Up until now I’ve only sewn things like zipper pouches and tote bags from online tutorials…so using an actual pattern made me feel all grown-up, sewing wise.

Other than the fun-tivities pictured here, we also went wine tasting in the Amador Wine Country…which was fantastic as always. I even convinced my husband to take me indoor rock climbing, and he belayed me until my arms petered out. But wait, there’s more! My husband has been teaching me how to mountain bike, and I have to say I had a huge breakthrough this past week…let’s just say that there are some rocks that have been conquered and a few bruises and scrapes on a certain Nurse.

What are you doing with your free time this week?


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