Review: Compression Socks

If my first words about a pair of socks are “ohmygod,” then you know these are some awesome socks. I kept experiencing achy legs after my shift so I decided to break down and buy some compression socks. But, I didn’t want just any ol’ compression socks, I wanted stylish socks that would complement my boring navy blue uniform.

Compression socks

Super comfy socks!

Sockwell socks are amazing! They are made of a blend of materials, one of which is merino wool. I thought they would be too hot, but they are perfection! The socks provide a moderate level of compression (15-20 mmHg), which is great for nurses who stand/walk all day. Bonus…you can also wear them on an airplane or long car ride if you’re lucky enough to go on any fun trips anywhere!

One of the best things about these socks is that they are made with a little bit of spandex, so they stay in place all day…no saggy socks here!

The pattern I bought is the chevron, and I got them on Amazon for $25. Yes, much much more than I would normally pay for socks, but if it saves my legs and keeps me from getting nasty ol’ varicose veins then it’s money well spent. I initially thought they would be too bulky, but my shoes fit the same as they always do, and I never felt over-heated despite walking hither and yon for 12 hours.

And, maybe this was a coincidence, but I felt so good after my shift that I called a friend to meet up for a drink. I NEVER go out after work…I don’t even stop at the grocery on the way home. I typically head straight to the shower, then straight to the sofa. But, after a shift wearing my Sockwell socks, I had a couple o’ margaritas and some really tasty guac with a dear pal of mine. I can’t wait to wear them again!

Nurse Mo’s rating? 5 stars! Ask for a pair as a graduation gift!

4 thoughts on “Review: Compression Socks

  1. Dawn

    I ordered a pair of these for my first clinicals. I’m so excited to get them. I figured that I may as well start out with the right socks!!

    1. Nurse Mo Post author

      You will LOVE them! I only have one pair and I just re-wash a LOT! I need to get some more. Maybe I’ll ask my husband for them for my birthday 🙂

    1. Nurse Mo Post author

      Those are Klogs…I LOVE THEM! I have worn Danskos and Allegria…the Klogs are by far the most comfortable. Combined with the compression socks, they are an unstoppable force…haha!


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