Respiratory nursing interventions: Podcast Episode 22

respiratory nursing

Respiratory nursing interventions come into play all the time. After all, difficulties can present in many forms, but the end-game is all the same…your patient can’t breathe as well as they should. And it can be scary for both the patient AND the nurse.

In this podcast we cover the most common ailments you need to know for Med/Surg I, including:

  • Asthma: clinical manifestations, diagnostics, treatment, medications, nursing interventions
  • COPD: emphysema, bronchitis, complications, nursing interventions
  • Pneumonia: pathophysiology, signs & symptoms, treatment, nursing interventions
  • Atelectasis: manifestations, treatment

Ready to up your game? Learn when your patient needs intubation right here! (or simply check out Podcast Episode 18 if you’re viewing this on your podcast app!)

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