A puzzle for you.

For some reason I get super excited about IV compatibility problems, and I had a good one recently. Let’s assume this is your patient…she is on 8 continuous infusions and has IV piggyback meds to give at regular intervals.

The continuous infusions are: Epinephrine, Fentanyl, Insulin, Levophed, Nimbex, Sodium Bicarbonate, Vasopressin and Versed.

The IVPB and IV Push meds are: Flagyl, Levaquin, Protonix and Vancomycin.

She has a triple lumen central catheter and she’s so edematous you can’t get a peripheral in. How are you going to run all your meds? Think about it and I’ll post a solution in a few days đŸ™‚


One thought on “A puzzle for you.

  1. Nurse Mo Post author

    As promised, here is one solution to the IV puzzle:
    Port A: insulin/bicarb
    Port B: fentanyl/nimbex/versed/levaquin (as piggy back)
    Port C: levophed/vaso/epi/vancomycin (as piggy back)


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