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One of the things nursing students struggle with is staying healthy when life, school, work, family, studying, school, clinical, school is just so darn busy! I am a big believer in taking care of yourself (if you don’t believe me, see this post), and over the past couple of years have focused on revamping my entire lifestyle into one focused on vitality and wellness. Here are a few products I use daily that keep me going in the right direction (and away from the gallon of ice cream someone left in my freezer…haha!)

I love love love getting in lots of greens each day. But sometimes I’m just too busy to

Screenshot 2015-07-26 14.55.48create a delicious kale salad, so that’s where these babies come in. While powdered greens might sound kind of gross, they are actually quite tasty! You can find powdered greens at any health food store, and of course my favorite shopping center Amazon. Add to smoothies to boost your nutrition or just mix with water and gulp it down….tastes much better than you think! I think this orange dreamsicle flavor is my new favorite, but I’ve got some watermelon in the pantry I can’t wait to try! Having my greens is how I start each and every morning…a blast of natural superfood nutrition on an empty stomach and WHAM…I am ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

You may not think that your personal care products play a role in keeping you healthy, but they can certainly play a role in keeping you sick. Traditional deodorants are full of chemicals, and while you may be totally fine with this (no judgment here!) I prefer a more natural Screenshot 2015-07-26 15.17.47approach. The problem with the natural approach is that it usually isn’t very effective! That’s where Primal Pit Paste comes in! This stuff is amazing…absolutely amazing. I put it on this morning before going to the gym for a killer workout on a hot day and still smell fresh as a daisy. Seriously. Plus I love that I’m not smearing chemicals into my pores multiple times a day. And, because it’s not an antiperspirant, my skin still breathes and does what it needs to do to release whatever needs to be released when I sweat. My sweat just happens to smell pretty darn good, actually. If you love natural beauty and skin care products as much as I do…you’ll love this stuff! Don’t be scared of the price tag…since  you only use a pea-sized amount every day, this little tub can last a couple of months. Totally worth it and totally delicious smelling! Who doesn’t want to smell delicious?

How many nursing students have trouble sleeping at night? I remember waking up from Screenshot 2015-07-26 15.31.34dreams about bone landmarks when I was studying A&P…how do you get back to sleep after that? This app, called Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson, is what lulls me into LaLa Land on those nights when my brain just won’t shut off. This guy has the MOST RELAXING voice and he takes you on a guided meditation to help you shut down your overactive neurons and relax all the tension in your body starting at your toes and going all the way up to your forehead. Sometimes I feel like I’m having a secret romance with Andrew because he talks to me more at night than my husband does…haha. You can download Andrew’s apps in the App Store or check out his goodies on his website. Get the Zzzzz’s you need so you can refresh and recharge!

What do you do to stay healthy, rested, relaxed and sane? Share in the comments!

Be safe out there!

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