Who doesn’t love flashcards? They’re a quick, easy and effective way to study…but you certainly can’t do flashcards while you’re jogging, driving, grocery shopping, doing laundry, putting the dishes away, riding a stationary bike at the gym, fishing or rollerblading (do people still rollerblade?).

But wait! YES YOU CAN! With PodQuizzes, you are doing flashcards with your ears!┬áIn each PodQuiz, you’ll be asked a question then given time to answer before the answer is actually revealed. It has proven to be an incredibly effective way to augment your studying, especially if you want to free yourself from the confines of your desk and get out there and ENJOY LIFE…yes, even while in nursing school!

Each PodQuiz is listed below (keep checking back!) You can also subscribe on iTunes…just search for Straight A Nursing and voila! You’re on your way to totally rocking nursing school!

Looking for traditional podcasts? They’re right here!

Respiratory Basics: This PodQuiz covers basic respiratory assessment, disorders of the lower airway and a few other tidbits. Perfect for Med/Surg I. Get it here!


This is an awesome way to study while listening and doing quiz questions!