What the heck is the P/F Ratio: Episode 33

PF ratioIn this podcast we talk about one of the MOST useful and EASIEST, QUICKEST calculations you can do to determine just how sick your respiratory-compromised patient is…the PF ratio! Check out some of the amazing things you’ll learn:

  • What the P and F stand for; what is PaO2 and what is FiO2?
  • Difference between PaO2 and SaO2
  • Optimal PaO2 ranges and levels of hypoxemia
  • How to calculate the PF ratio and what the heck it means
  • What the numbers tell us and how it applies to the overall clinical picture

For more information on ARDS, check out this post, this awesome podcast episode or this SUPER awesome reference sheet. (if your podcast platform does not support links, please visit the website for total linkage at www.straightanursingstudent.com)

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