Nursing school supplies you never knew you needed

nursing school suppliesIf you’re a nursing student (or about to be), you already know that you need a stethoscope, tons of pens and highlighters and a reliable alarm clock. But here are a few nursing school supplies you may not even know you need (but you’ll absolutely LOVE life more if you have them!)

S’nough Sticks

Let’s face it…sometimes things in the hospital can get a little fragrant. And if you think I’m just talking about poop you are in for quite the awakening…unwashed bodies/clothes, infected wounds, neglected feet and even the sweaty skin lying beneath a pair of SCDs (I call it “scud leg”). Yes, it can all wreak havoc on your nasal passages, but you would never want your patient to know you’re struggling and now you don’t have to!

S’nough sticks protect you from odors discreetly and they smell SO GOOD! Just swipe a little bit on your nares right before heading in the room and you’ll be smelling one of three delicious scents…lime basil, peppermint eucalyptus and vanilla latte. I’ve found that the peppermint is the powerhouse odor eliminator, the lime basil is my favorite and the vanilla latte makes me want a vanilla latte! They’re all fantastic and a MUST HAVE for any nursing student. And, for a limited time, enjoy a 25% discount by typing in the offer code NURSE LOVE when you check out! It’s a win-win-win!

#protip: swipe on THEN cover with a mask for extra odor-elimination power!

Snough sticks

Three delectable scents to choose from…why choose…get ’em all!

Compression Socks

This may seem like a small thing and an unnecessary expense, but I cannot encourage you enough to GET SOME COMPRESSION SOCKS. Even if you can only afford one pair, make it a good pair and treat them kindly. They will do so much for you in return! I absolutely LOVE these socks by Sockwell, I think I have about 5 or 6 pairs and I cannot imagine going to work without them. Before wearing compression socks, my legs and feet were SO TIRED after my shift. Now I can easily walk 5 miles a shift with no problems. Ok…maybe that’s a bit of an oversell…of course, I’m tired after my shift. But, my legs and feet don’t ache like they used to. Not even close. These socks are life changing! Get some! Just click on the picture below and you’ll go straight to Amazon (and…BONUS…your purchase helps support this website!).

compression socks

So comfy!

Cute Badge Reel

Who doesn’t love Etsy? And now that there are a slew of badge reel artists selling their wares on my favorite website means you can express your personality AND keep your clinical ID and other goodies right where you need ’em.

Check out these ADORABLE badge reels from Badge Blooms on Etsy…they are irresistible!

nursing school supplies

Could this be any cuter?

Instant Pot

If you haven’t hopped on the Instant Pot bandwagon yet…what are you waiting for? This is a kitchen miracle! Cook meals in a fraction of the time or choose to use it as a traditional crock pot so you can put everything in before you leave in the morning and come home to a delicious meal. Some models even make homemade yogurt! If you’ve been wanting to eat more homemade meals but just feel too pressed for time…check this little guy out by clicking on the picture below.

nursing school supplies

So much yum.

Amazon Subscribe & Save

Ok, I’ll admit it. I absolutely LOVE Amazon. Gone are the days of shlepping all over town looking for tandoori masala or raw cacao butter. It’s right here on Amazon! With their Subscribe & Save feature, you schedule regular shipments of items you use frequently…the more items in your order, the more you save! And, you can set the frequency as well (every two or three months, for example). It’s great for your “tried-and-true” items that you can’t live without…toilet paper, granola bars, diapers, shampoo, printer cartridges…whatever! Check it out right here and never walk through the grocery store with a pack of toilet paper under your arm again!

Dry Shampoo

Ok, this one is for you gals since I have yet to meet a fella with anything but wash-and-go hair (yes I am jealous!). On those days when you just don’t have it in you to wash your hair before class or clinical, may I introduce to you the wonderful, amazing, beautiful invention that is dry shampoo?

This elixir of joy is perfect for those days when your hair is a little borderline and a wee bit greasy…the product is essentially a spray-on powder substance that soaks up the oil, adds volume, and gives your hair another day of life. It is perfection. Click on the picture to go straight to Amazon (and also support this site!)

nursing school supplies


Wake-Up Call Service

If you’ve ever had your smart phone alarm fail on you, you’ll be glad to know that good old-fashioned wake up calls actually do still exist (and not just in hotels!). If “alarm paranoia” keeps you from sleeping soundly because you constantly are waking up to check that you haven’t missed your alarm…say hello to your pillow and goodbye to stressful nights. You can rest easy knowing you will receive a phone call at the time you designate without fail. It’s dreamy! There are loads of wake-up call services to choose from:

Snoozeter is a free service that also offers SMS text messaging…great for sending reminders for all those eight million little things you need to do while in nursing school.

Wake Up Land has been providing wake-up call service for more than 10 years, so if you’re into reliability these guys know what they’re doing. Try it free for a week! is the one I used when I was in school and still occasionally use it when I have to get up super early (like when catching a flight). This service includes free “snoozes” so you can snooze your call and get a repeat call in a few minutes. So cool!

If you’ve got fur babies and have come home late at night only to discover that Mr. Snuggles is out of food, then you’ll love love love I just started using this service recently for my cat Oliver and I love it! I used to have to make a special trip to the pet food store to get the stuff he likes…now it’s delivered straight to my door FOR FREE at a DISCOUNT! I love it (and so does Oliver, pictured below in all his cuteness). Set up regular shipments and never run out of cat or dog treats again. Your fur babies will love you for it!

nursing school supplies

He’s so fluffy (and so well-fed!)

Koala Qlip

Let’s face it…stethoscopes can be a pain. More specifically, a pain in the neck! Plus…ewwww…gross! Do you really want it touching your skin all day? Rather than wearing your stethoscope around your neck, how about a super handy clip you can attach to your pocket for quick access and out-of-the way convenience? Get your Koala Qlip here and your neck will breathe a sigh of relief.

nursing school supplies

Feeling sassy with my stethoscope off my neck!

Smoothies Delivered to Your Door

If your budget can handle it I highly recommend Green Blender…it has really helped me stay on track with healthy eating, especially on busy days. Green Blender sends a box of smoothie ingredients right to your door, so you can have healthy breakfast or snacks without having to schlep to the store (ain’t nobody got time for that!). Plus, these smoothie recipes are delicious and so unique! I’ve branched out and had all kinds of smoothie combinations and I love that I can get several servings of fruit/veggies all at once. Yum!

nursing school supplies

Starting the day off right with some green goodness!

High Speed Blender

If you’re going to be having delicious smoothies, you absolutely need a high-speed blender in order to puree everything together into a smooth, delicious blend of awesomeness.

There is a huge price range for these blenders, ranging from the Vitamix at about a million dollars to the Ninja at about $70. If you’re a student on a budget who is serious about the green smoothie life, then get a Ninja pictured right here (just click on the link!). When you start working and making all those dollars, spring for a Vitamix if you feel the urge.

nursing school supplies

Get those nutrients in with a Ninja!

A Commuter Mug that Really Works

Put this on your birthday or holiday wish list…a Yeti commuter mug. At $25, I know it’s a bit spendy for a commuter mug, but here’s the thing. This bad boy seriously keeps your coffee HOT. Not warm, not warm-ish…but HOT. Check it out here and get one now! I’d include a picture, but I lost mine at the hospital (don’t be like me!) and need to order another one. Sad face.

An Indestructible Clipboard

When I was a student, the school’s SNA group had a sale of various items, and one of them was this kinda cruddy clipboard with a bunch of medical/nursing facts on it. It seemed like a great idea to have all that reference material right there on your clipboard, but they were such plastic cheap junk that they didn’t last more than a couple of clinical shifts. I have two clipboards that I love…one is the type with the storage compartment (great for all that clinical paperwork) and the other is an acrylic beast of a clipboard that will probably never ever ever die (plus, it’s personalized so no one can steal it…unlike my Yeti commuter mug).

Here’s the storage one that I heart a lot (click pic for details and shopping!).

nursing school supplies

It’s even got a space for you to hide your pens!

And here’s my customized version that is never ever ever going to break. Ever. You can get a $10 discount off your first order by using this referral code! Are you digging that brain sheet? Well guess what? You can get it right here!

nursing school supplies

The organized nurse has all the necessary paperwork handy!

I hope these ideas help you stay on top of your game while you’re going for your degree. What nursing school supplies are you finding invaluable that you never knew you needed? Let us know in the comments below!

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