Mental Health

Mental Health Nursing was a really interesting class and I loved learning about all the different types of psychoses. Some of them are very hard to keep straight…maybe these notes will help!

Alcohol Withdrawal Hour by Hour: Alcohol Withdrawal
Bipolar Disorder Lecture: Bipolar
Defense Mechanisms: Defense Mechanisms
Delirium/Dementia Objectives: Delirium:Dementia
Depression Lecture: Depression
Dissociative and Personality Disorders:Personality Disorders  Communicate with PD
Substance Abuse: Substance Abuse & Addiction
Violence Objectives: Violence

Quiz yourself on your psych meds with this fill-in worksheet: Psych Meds QUESTIONS  Psych Meds ANSWERS
Goofy stories to help you remember the side effects of your psych meds: Psych Side Effects
Psych meds study guide: Psychopharmacology

8 thoughts on “Mental Health

  1. Tina Bird

    I just want to say you have an awesome blog/website!!! I wish I knew about this months ago. I just started my 3rd semester and can I just tell you I’m not doing too hot in mental health. I hope using what you have on her may help me some when it comes to all the psych meds and adverse reactions. Thanks, I plan on doing a more through look on the site when I get home.

  2. Margarita Vaca

    I am starting Nursing School this fall and boy have I been going crazy! I am so glad I found your site/blog! It is going to help so much!! Your notes are freaking awesome!!! 🙂 Thank you so much!

  3. jennifer

    Just wanted to tell you how absolutely amazing your blog is. It is so organized and helpful! I truly appreciate all the work you put into this. I will share this with my classmates


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