Free Study Guides

On a budget? Then you’ll love these FREE study guides for nursing school! But first, a few disclaimers:

  • These notes and study guides are NOT intended to provide medical advice; they are for educational and informational purposes only (they are SO AWESOME, though!)
  • Practices and standards differ from one school/facility to the next. Please go by YOUR institution’s parameters. The practices and standards described in these guides represent ONE facility/institution…please seek information from multiple, reputable sources if you are unsure of anything described herein.
  • With the time you’ll save by using these study guides, please do something KIND for yourself….promise?

Med/Surg 1 study guides are here…enjoy!

Med/Surg 2 study guides are here…you’re gonna love ’em!

Pediatric study guides are here…so much good stuff!

OB study guides are here…push push push!

Mental Health study guides are here…a fascinating topic!

A&P study guides are here…get As in those pre-reqs!

Chemistry study guides are here…organic and bio chem (a super fun class!)