Magnesium and Chloride: Episode 27


We continue our electrolytes bonanza this week with magnesium and chloride. In this podcast episode we cover hypomagnesemia, hypermagnesemia, hypochloremia and hyperchloremia. And beyond just going over the normal lab ranges, we talk about all kinds of fun stuff:

  • the main roles of magnesium and chloride in the body
  • how to recognize magnesium and chloride imbalances
  • common causes of imbalances of these key electrolytes
  • nursing interventions, assessment parameters and treatments for magnesium and chloride imbalances

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2 thoughts on “Magnesium and Chloride: Episode 27

  1. Aew

    The jury is still out regarding this podcast. It is misleading in that the information and interventions are often far beyond the scope of what a nurse can do. We are not doctors. To make it seem like we can intubate, perform cardioversion or make a diagnosis is very misleading.

    1. Nurse Mo Post author

      Hi there! By no means do I mean to ever suggest that nurses perform these tasks…but we DO make recommendations and when I say something like ‘you will be intubating this patient” I mean that you AS THE TEAM will be intubating the patient.

      Also, nurses must be able to anticipate what the likely medical diagnoses are so that you can A) anticipate treatment and plan; and B) make recommendations to the team. For example, your patient comes in with a cough and fever during the month of January. A good nurse will ask the MD for an order for droplet isolation precautions and a rapid influenza test because the nurse suspects that this patient has the flu. The nurse has not diagnosed the patient with the flu, but by recognizing the signs/symptoms s(he) makes a valid and timely recommendation to the team.

      Any suggestion on my part that the nurse makes this diagnosis or performs invasive procedures is not at all intended and I’ll be sure to word this more forcefully in future episodes.

      You make a very valid point that we must practice within our scope…thanks so much for listening to the podcast and reminding us of this very important point! I encourage all nursing students to read the nurse practice act for their state and have a clear understanding of our scope….if anyone reading would like to find your state’s nurse practice act, check out this link:


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