It’s Roundup Time!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! In this roundup, our first ever, we found some good advise for sticking it out through the rough spots of nursing school at Confessions of a Student Nurse, and we get a gentle reminder of what to blog (or actually NOT blog about) with this story of a student who violated HIPAA when she blogged about a patient experience in a not-so professional manner.

Nurse Teeny, over at Makings of a Nurse, shows us that graduate level nursing school is just as overwhelming as you’d imagine it to be. I wish her well…she has more courage than I do!

Speaking of feeling overwhelmed, it can be difficult (verrrry difficult) to take good care of ourselves while in school. Gertie, at Nursing School Diet, has blogged her way through this dilemma. She’s currently a recent grad looking for a job…and no, the dieting thing does not get any easier (not with 12-hour shifts!). She has tons of great ideas and is super motivated…very inspiring!

And, if you’re looking for some excellent advise on developing solid study habits, check out this blog post from Northeastern University. Along those lines, Impacted Nurse has stated the posting of a “Thunderbox Paper” each week…a one-page info sheet that you post in your bathroom so you’re sure to see it multiple times a day…this one is on the Glasgow Coma Scale. What an excellent idea!

And last, but not least, for all you students interested in OB nursing, At Your Cervix tells the tales of a new Certified Nurse Midwife…follow her as she starts her first CNM position…congratulations!

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