respiratory notes

Respiratory – Med/Surg I

No matter what is going on with your patient, the respiratory system is probably going to be affected in one way or another. In fact, respiratory failure is one of THE MOST common diagnoses you’ll see in the inpatient setting. With these respiratory notes, you’ll get the information you need to rock clinical and ace those nursing school exams!

These respiratory notes cover:

  • asthma overview
  • asthma signs/symptoms, diagnostics and treatments
  • COPD overview (including emphysema and chronic bronchitis)
  • COPD signs/symptoms, complications, and treatment
  • pneumonia overview, pathophysiology and treatment
  • pneumonia prevention, including HAP and VAP
  • atelectasis signs/symptoms and treatment
  • epiglottitis pearls of wisdom
  • flu facts and vaccine tidbits

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