PodQuiz Depression: Episode 23

depression in nursing school

Hey hey guys and gals! It’s time for another PodQuiz and this one is a doozy! Maybe you’ve noticed that studying depression in nursing school is really tough…it’s a complex topic that requires all your critical thinking skills.  This PodQuiz covers some of the basics you’ll need to know to rock that mental health exam and take really good care of patients with depression during your mental health clinical rotation (and anywhere else you might encounter them).

  • Major depressive disorder vs. dysthymia disorder
  • Communication strategies
  • Suicide NEED TO KNOW facts and interventions
  • Drug therapies for depression
  • SSRIs, MAOIs and more
  • Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

If you’ve never done a PodQuiz, here’s how it works. You’ll hear a question…then a pause. This pause is so you can actually ANSWER the question! Then, you’ll hear the answer. It is basically like doing flashcards for your ears. So cool, right?

So…grab your walking shoes, get the leash on Fido, and GET OUTSIDE while you study! No sitting at your desk…deal?

And, when you DO get back to your desk, supplement your learning with these awesome notes! (if your’e on your podcast app…visit the website and choose Mental Health in the drop down menu under study guides).

On a side note, nursing students suffering from depression is a really big problem. For resources and help, please reach out to your health care provider, your family and your friends. You can find support right here: http://www.dbsalliance.org

P.S. I care

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