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Staying healthy in nursing school

Healthy in Nursing School

Nursing school can very easily take over every aspect of your life, just like it did mine. The whole reason I started this website was to keep other students from falling into that trap by providing resources to make nursing school more manageable. In the five years it took me to take all my prerequisites and get through my program, I watched my health slowly deteriorate until I ended up diagnosed with a chronic illness that could have either killed or seriously debilitated me at any time (if you’re into that sort of thing, you can read about it here).

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Being a nurse with a chronic illness

chronic illness

Just a few months after starting my first nursing job in the ICU, I was diagnosed with a chronic form of blood cancer. To say I was stressed is putting it mildly. On top of that, in 2013 I began having issues with my joints. They were swollen, painful and made it impossible for me to do my job. I went out on medical leave numerous times, cut my hours and even quit nursing for about a year while I pondered what my future options were.

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Nursing School Paperwork Hacks

nursing school paperwork

Even before your first semester of nursing school classes start,  you will be OVERWHELMED with the amount of paperwork. That’s why I quickly realized I needed to come up with a foolproof system for organizing all of it for easy reference and keeping my sanity intact. Turns out, I’m not the only one who realized this…here’s a note I received recently from a reader in St. Louis:

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Day shift vs night shift…which is for you?

night shift

As someone who’s about to finish up on night shift and start back on day shift , I thought it might be fun to compare the pros and cons of each shift. Each definitely has its merits, so if you’re not sure which shift is for you…read on! I’ve worked both days and nights, and I can definitely say each shift has its advantages AND disadvantages. The difference is….well…night and day!

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Surviving Night Shift

Night Shift

If you’re like me, your 4th semester preceptorship is on night shift and you have no idea how you are going to survive. Even if you snagged a fabulous day shift precept spot, chances are you’ll be a night shift nurse as a new-grad anyway….and knowing how to survive could mean the difference between loving your job and absolutely dreading it. With these tips, you’ll be rocking night shift like a pro!

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Product Review: Focus on Wellness

One of the things nursing students struggle with is staying healthy when life, school, work, family, studying, school, clinical, school is just so darn busy! I am a big believer in taking care of yourself (if you don’t believe me, see this post), and over the past couple of years have focused on revamping my entire lifestyle into one focused on vitality and wellness. Here are a few products I use daily that keep me going in the right direction (and away from the gallon of ice cream someone left in my freezer…haha!)

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Been a busy bee!

This last month or two has been insane!!! Between work, birthday month, my new gym routine and some new projects I have barely had time to stop and catch my breath!

So…what has Nurse Mo been up to? Probably the most time-consuming thing lately has been work. We are switching over to electronic charting (FINALLY!) and also moving into a new super swanky new building, so the amount of education that comes with this is astonishing. For those of you who don’t yet work in a hospital, be prepared to take lots and lots of classes (and  you thought school was over….ha!). Our move into the new building and the new computer system have resulted in NUMEROUS classes…so far the list of classes includes:

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Review: Nutrition Bars

Screenshot 2015-06-03 13.33.45

If you’re a nurse or a nursing student, there is one thing I can be sure of. You are one busy bee. Sometimes your schedule doesn’t allow you the wonderful luxury of a delicious, home-cooked meal so you may find that you often eat “on the run.” Rather than reach for something naughty (salt and vinegar chips, I’m talking to you!), I’ve put together a quick review of some good and good-for-you nutrition bars to help fuel you through your busy days.

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Nursing School Almost Killed Me

I was watching a TED talk a few days ago, and it talked about the “WHY” and how important it is to know the “WHY” if you want to make a meaningful connection with your audience. I’ve known all along why I created this site and why I put so much time and energy into creating educational content for students…I thought it would be good to share the WHY with all of you.

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