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‘Twas the night before clinical: Episode 34


Since it’s the holidays, let’s all take a break from studying, shall we? Enjoy a sweet little Christmas tale, relax with your family and friends, eat too many cookies, wear too many pajamas and feel joy in whatever way makes your heart sing. We’ll be back to studying again in 2018 with many, many exciting things in store INCLUDING:

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Being a nurse with a chronic illness

chronic illness

Just a few months after starting my first nursing job in the ICU, I was diagnosed with a chronic form of blood cancer. To say I was stressed is putting it mildly. On top of that, in 2013 I began having issues with my joints. They were swollen, painful and made it impossible for me to do my job. I went out on medical leave numerous times, cut my hours and even quit nursing for about a year while I pondered what my future options were.

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Maintain your humanity and avoid burnout.


As a nurse, you face innumerable human tragedies every time you show up for work. You see people at their very worst, on the very worst days they’ve ever had. Ever. You watch people die, right in front of you, while you’re holding their hands and wishing them a peaceful journey. You watch the same people come into the hospital over and over and over for the same preventable problems. You see people who make no effort to manage their own health problems for years yet expect you to work miracles in a 12-hr shift. You are forced to torment the fatally ill when they are at their most vulnerable. And yes, once in a while, you do make a difference. But it’s rarer than you think.

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How to get into nursing school

get into nursing school

I was approached by a college freshman this past week who had a million questions about how to get into nursing school. All the group advising sessions she had been to were basically designed to get students to question their convictions and ultimately change their minds about applying. Yes, in many areas the programs are quite impacted; and yes, if you don’t have “the goods” then you are better off pursuing another degree…but it still left her with several unanswered questions. Nurse Mo to the rescue!

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