Blog Carnival! Mentoring in the Nursing Profession

As someone who loves mentoring students and new nurses, I thought it might be interesting to explore the culture of mentoring, why it’s important and how we go about it. Without further ado, I invite you to peruse these fabulous blog articles, each of which address the topic of mentoring in their own unique way.

CRNA Career Pro writes about CRNAs helping anesthesia students…a must-read if you are interested in obtaining your CRNA or are curious about this exciting branch of nursing. Nurse John Keith offers advice for being a helpful mentor, something that is imperative in a program known for being incredibly demanding.

Looking to switch roles? One of the great things about nursing as a career choice is there is ALWAYS another path to follow, should you chose to do so. But, as with most things, change can be intimidating. Lucky for you, Nurse Elizabeth Scala has got your back. She provides invaluable advice for transitioning into your new role at her blog Nursing from Within. A great read!

Nurse Donna Maheady, a true angel in my opinion, writes with grace about mentoring nursing students and nurses with disabilities on her blog Exceptional Nurse. 

What about online mentoring? Can it work for you? Nurse Joyce Fiodembo has insightful guidance on a mentoring strategy that embraces technology and connects nurses across the globe in her blog article “Do You Need an Online Mentor?” This is a wonderful idea for anyone interested in branching out into a new area of nursing, or who just wants to learn how things are done in other facilities or cultures. Fantastic!

Nurse Kelly Payne, a dedicated mentor herself, writes at Mommy Baby Nurse and provides a comprehensive list of things to actively work on with your mentor…I love this idea as it give the relationship structure and purpose. Want to be the best mentee ever? This blog post is for you!

At Big Red Carpet Nursing, Nurse Greg Mercer makes the case for mentoring being an essential part of the job. Sure, other things are always going to take priority (patient care and charting come to mind), but making time to mentor pays huge dividends for both mentor and mentee alike. Plus, it’s crucial for the advancement of the profession…see Greg’s “rant” and delightful reasoning here! 

Nurse Lorie Brown (who is also an attorney…color me impressed!) writes about the importance of having a mentor, especially when things don’t go as planned. She reminds us that a mentor can help guide us through difficult decisions or situations. Her blog, Your Nurse Attorney is a fantastic resource for the complex, winding road of legality as it relates to your nursing practice.

If you haven’t yet checked out Nurselyfe, today is the day! Nurse Brittany Stone poses an interesting question about mentoring for advanced practice nurses. If  you are thinking about advancing your practice or are on the cusp of embarking as an APRN, you may be fondly remembering your days as a brand new nurse with a dedicated mentor. Brittany makes the case for mentoring even as we grow through all stages of our careers.

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10 thoughts on “Blog Carnival! Mentoring in the Nursing Profession

  1. Elizabeth Scala

    You did such a great job pulling this altogether. I am excited to read what my nurse blogger colleagues had to say about this interesting and uplifting topic. Thanks for hosting us all on your blog; great work!

  2. Greg Mercer, MSN

    Thanks for hosting: you did a great job! It’s a bear: I still remember trying to digest and arrange so many posts under such a tight deadline. Tough! You did good: again, thanks. Plus, you picked a fantastic topic. Kudos! – Greg

  3. Kelly Payne

    Thank you so much for compiling all these wonderful posts about mentoring! What a great topic for our field. Looking forward to learning more about such a great topic.

  4. Anne Llewellyn

    Great job. Sorry, I did not get to contribute. Mentoring is such an important concept for all professionals. I view myself as a mentor as well as a mentee….we can always learn new things that can help us our practice.


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