Been a busy bee!

This last month or two has been insane!!! Between work, birthday month, my new gym routine and some new projects I have barely had time to stop and catch my breath!

So…what has Nurse Mo been up to? Probably the most time-consuming thing lately has been work. We are switching over to electronic charting (FINALLY!) and also moving into a new super swanky new building, so the amount of education that comes with this is astonishing. For those of you who don’t yet work in a hospital, be prepared to take lots and lots of classes (and  you thought school was over….ha!). Our move into the new building and the new computer system have resulted in NUMEROUS classes…so far the list of classes includes:

  • Sharing & Caring (yes…an actual class on customer service…AIDET rears its ugly head again!)
  • General tour of the new building
  • More detailed tour of the new building
  • Super detailed orientation and tour of our unit
  • EHR class for three days
  • EHR check-off
  • Philips Monitor class

    Our adorable new transport monitors!

    Our adorable new transport monitors!

  • Scanning competency check off (how to scan documents…for realsies.)
  • “Move School” which is, ironically, occurring after we move (our unit is moving early so that someone else can move into our current space on the HUMONGO MOVE DAY, which is in August.)

See that pic? It’s one of our ADORABLE new transport monitors…how darling is that? Right now, we have our patients hooked up to the in-room monitors, but when we need to take them somewhere we have to go grab a super heavy Zoll Monitor which weighs about 30 pounds…lug it into the room, disconnect the patient from the in-room monitor, hook them up to the portable Zoll and then go traipsing down to CT or whatever. Now, the transport monitor module will be connected to our in-room monitors, so all you have to do is disconnect the little X2 (what a cute name) and off you go. Easy peasy!

And, even better…our  new ICU is awesome. So awesome. The rooms are HUGE, they’re all private rooms, they’re spotless (for now) and they have these super handy booms which hang from the ceiling and will house the vents, IV pumps and such. This is going to be great for keeping clutter and whatnot off the floor and it just looks super high-tech and amazing. Each room has its own WOW (work station on wheels), plus there are computer stations right outside each room (one per two rooms)…so technically there should be a place to SIT and chart. If management thinks I’m standing ALL DAY at the WOW, they are sorely mistaken and are invited to do likewise. Ha. So, that’s what’s going on with work. Our unit is moving in a couple of weeks…yay! I’ll see if I can get some pics before it’s loaded with patients…it’s so pretty!

June was Birthday Month…a non-stop celebration that lasts thirty full days and involves lots of presents, dinners out with friends, wine, parties and all around self indulgence. It was great…but also exhausting. We celebrated by having a party here at the house the weekend before my birthday, then heading up to Napa for birthday day…we had a great time but now it’s time to get back to work!

I’ve also been working out with a trainer…it was my birthday gift from me to me. All I have to say about this adventure is that it is MUCH MUCH harder than sitting on the sofa drinking wine and watching Netflix.

What’s in store for July? A trip to Tahoe, a trip to NYC (which warrants its own post…stay tuned for that), my husband’s birthday and hospital move day! So much fun stuff! Hope you all are enjoying your summer…look for some new resources to be available before the semester starts (for those of you on traditional calendars). I’ve got some great stuff planned for you!

Be safe out there!

2 thoughts on “Been a busy bee!

  1. Rhona

    Phew! You are super busy. Look forward to hearing all about the new ICU and how you are enjoying the digs. And, NY update. That is a exciting city. A bit overwhelming for me but still fantastic.

    1. Nurse Mo Post author

      Yes…super busy right now, but HOPING things slow down in August and I can spend more time doing what I love (which is working on this blog!). Stay tuned for NY update…it’s healthcare related, so it’s a great tie-in!


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