Respiratory nursing interventions: Podcast Episode 22

respiratory nursing

Respiratory nursing interventions come into play all the time. After all, difficulties can present in many forms, but the end-game is all the same…your patient can’t breathe as well as they should. And it can be scary for both the patient AND the nurse.

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Why study groups are a waste of time

This is the point in the website where I start getting tomatoes thrown at me and that guy with the hooked cane pulls me off the stage. Study groups always seem to be everyone’s “go to” tactic when they notice they are struggling with a class, and everyone seems to love them, so they MUST be incredibly helpful…and the bigger the better…right?

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Change the way you study with the LATTE method: Podcast Episode 21

In this podcast I share with you the study method that changed my life. I am not kidding. I found that I was getting SERIOUSLY bogged down when doing case studies…going off on tangents, looking up every single little thing. Basically, making mountains out of mole hills.

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Six annoying things about nursing school (and what to do about them)

annoying things about nursing school

Maybe you’re well-entrenched in nursing school or perhaps you’re getting ready to start. Either way, knowing what some of the (how should we say this?) annoyances are, can help you meet them head-on with some solutions in mind so you can avoid wasting time being frustrated. Here are the top six annoying things about nursing school.

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How to be a rockstar in nursing school clinicals

nursing school clinicals

This podcast covers my best advice for being a rockstar in your nursing school clinicals. If you’re like me, you are VERY nervous about starting clinicals…whether it’s your first semester or your last. Making sure you are prepped to do and BE your absolute best ensures you get the most out of this very valuable time.

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What to review before nursing school starts

review before nursing school

First of all…congratulations!!! You have worked SO HARD to get where you are and you deserve a HUGE pat on the back! I remember the feeling when I learned I’d been accepted into the program…a HUGE relief and SO much stress was lifted. But then….I started to get nervous…I’d heard rumors about how hard nursing school is, so I did what I do best. Study! Here’s a short list of useful topics to review before nursing school starts so you can keep your brain sharp and ensure you have the basic foundation knowledge you need to absolutely, positively, ROCK your program!

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The mask all nurses wear

nurse mask

As nurses, we are incredible actors, and rarely do we allow our true emotions, thoughts and feelings to break through the masks that we wear to shield our patients from the knowledge that their caregivers are often working at a level of near and total depletion. We are dying of exhaustion on the inside, pleasant and alert on the outside. While my back is aching and my feet are screaming, my face is smiling and I am saying encouraging, empathetic and intelligent things. While my mind is racing through the fifty things I need to do in the next hour, I am comforting, advocating, educating and explaining without the tiniest bit of impatience or hurry in my voice. I am wearing a mask, and is as much a part of my uniform as my hospital-branded scrubs or the stethoscope emblazoned with my name.

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Enteral feeding and NG tubes: PodQuiz Episode 19

enteral feeding

It’s time for another PodQuiz! If you aren’t familiar with this form of podcast, you are in for a treat! This is THE BEST WAY to study while also getting your life back on track. It’s basically like doing flashcards, but instead of sitting and staring at your phone (or stack of index cards if you’re “old-school”) it’s an auditory quiz! I ask a question and then pause, giving you time to answer…then I tell you the answer (and sometimes with some little extra ‘real-world’ tidbits thrown in for good measure).

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The nursing student’s guide to electrolytes

If you’re a nursing student (or about to be) there’s one thing that comes up over and over and over…electrolytes. Having an understanding of how electrolytes work, why they’re important, and what to do when they’re off-kilter is a huge part of your job. In this guide, we’ll take a quick look at some electrolyte pearls of wisdom.

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